13 August 2010

I Like to Cook and I Cannot Lie...

So this week, I've been cooking as much as I can. With Scott's family out of town, someone needs to make sure that he eats, right? I'm a good Cajun girl and as such, I've been programmed since birth (pretty much) to make sure that anyone who is left alone by his (or her, but mostly his) family is taken care of, e.g., fed very well! Of course now that I'm writing this I'm thinking I should have taken pictures of all my lovely dishes!

I went over on Sunday before mass and made some pancakes. We then were (FINALLY) able to make it to my cousin's lake house for the day and spent some time swimming and watching movies and eating and hydro sliding. We had such a great, relaxing day. It was awesome.

Monday, I made some awesome chicken and rice and gravy with onions and mushrooms and steamed zucchini and yellow squash. The funny thing is I accidentally added cinnamon instead of paprika on the chicken, but it came out to be one of those great mistakes that lead to a discovery, one which I will be using occasionally from now on.

Wednesday, I tried my hand at chicken-fried steak, white gravy, and french fries. Of course, I've made french fries tons of times, so they came out okay. The steak came out great, but, I believe that I failed successfully on the white gravy. I don't eat it, so I couldn't tell if it was good, but Scott did not enjoy it really, though he tried to mask that fact (such a great guy! :) ) I guess that just gives me room for improvement, right?

Thursday night was more of a success. Scott invited the Smiths over for dinner and I cooked turkey burger-steaks; brats with onions and mushrooms sauteed in red wine; roasted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and red, orange and green peppers (not too much , though...about 1/4 of each pepper); and avocado and tomato salad tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. That was a masterpiece of a meal. It was enjoyed by all...and super easy! It took about 1.5 hours to prepare and cook everything, the veggies taking the longest, and I clean as I go, so nothing to do but put the dirty plates and servers into the dish washer after dinner.

Quite a nice week it's been! :) I do love cooking, and at least Scott knows that he will be fed well when we get married! :)

02 August 2010

Pretty Low Key Weekend...FINALLY

It was finally a calm weekend for us, which doesn't happen very often. Not only was it low key, but I was able to spend the weekend alone at the house and enjoy a Sunday dinner with Scott together at the house with just the two of us. That happens like once every 6 months or something. So nice to just be able to chill and eat and watch a movie.

Anyway, Friday, we went to Grampa's Catfish for Scott's brother's 25th birthday. Then we went back to their house for some cake and ice cream! It was yummy! I had a special gluten free chocolate cake that Scott's mom made so I could eat some, too! It was super awesome!

Saturday, I had to work until 3, but when I got off of work, I went over to Scott's and we made some (awesome) hot wing dip and mac n' cheese for our trip over to the Smiths' house for dinner. We had BBQ chicken, grilled shrimp, mac and cheese, hot wing dip and a plethora of other goodies. We also ate and watched two movies. It was a great relaxing way to spend the evening with our friends. We watched Daybreakers and Hot Tub Time Machine. They were both pretty good, and we ended the night with a little of the Jimmy Buffett Gulf Shores Concert on 11 July that they DVR'd. Such a great evening!

Sunday, Scott came and picked me up for mass, then we went back to my place for dinner (dinner in Louisiana is actually early afternoon on Sundays and holidays!) We had left over mac n cheese, I heated up some of my mom's wonderful BBQ Deer meat she sent home with me a couple trips ago, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. We had some Boar's Head pepperoni (which is my fave pepperoni...and it's Gluten-free!) and Muenster cheese as an appetizer. That's such a good little snack! We watched JFK, which was on some TV channel...I can't think which one. It's a really good movie! I'm surprised that I'd never seen it until yesterday. We then headed to NLR to look around at houses for sale. There are quite a bit of them, actually, but none were open houses, so we didn't get to look at any, though there was one that I really liked and the price was great!

After that, we had some ice cream at McD's and then went back to the house for some good supper with Scott's fam. All-in-all it was a great weekend...and a relaxing one, too, AND it marks the beginning of our training/ working out/ healthy eating. We are going to go for 6 weeks of diet and exercising everyday (except Sundays) with no cokes or junk food (except Sundays) and see if we meet our goals for the next six weeks. We'll see how that goes!