24 May 2010

Walkin' in Memphis...

In celebration of Julie's upcoming nuptials, we took a girls' trip to Memphis. Well, we started at Cajun's Wharf here and stayed downtown on Friday night. Saturday morning, we headed for Memphis. It was a wonderful trip!

Friday, we started at Cajun's Wharf. Then we moseyed on to the Peabody hotel for the Alice 107.7 Peabody Rooftop Party, where we got in free (Thanks to the doorman who felt the need to be nice to us since it was Julie's last girls' trip as an unmarried lady.) Then, Julie's fiancee, Shawn, graciously sprung for a room for us girls downtown so that we wouldn't have to worry about driving all the way back to her place then all the way to Memphis from there. It was very considerate and nice of him.

Anyway, after hitting Cracker Barrel in the morning on Saturday, we headed to Memphis and got there around 2. We checked into our hotel room (we had sprung for the "nice room" up on the top floor, where you had to swipe your key to get to, that had concierge service, free h'ors d'erves and champagne, free valet, free breakfast, free coffee and cookies). It was REALLY nice, and when split between four of us, wasn't unreasonable.
After getting settled in, Julie wanted to go to Graceland, so we took off to Graceland. I had gone several years ago (like 15 or 20) with my family, so I really didn't remember it all that much. I had forgotten what everything looked like! Anyway, we parked somewhere close (within walking distance) because the public parking was $15.00, and we were not about to pay that just to park.
We hopped on the shuttle which took us across the street to see Elvis' digs. It's definitely interesting to see the difference between celebrities' homes today and what was considered a huge home back in Elvis' days. The strange thing was hearing that he paid $120,000 for it. My, how times have changed!

(In more ways than one, apparently!)

While enjoying some h'ors d'erves in the Club Room on our floor, we met our wonderful concierge, Ms. Linda, who gave us some advice about getting around, gave us some coupons for BB Kings, and made us feel like we were right at home with her friendly, caring personality. (I wish we would have gotten a picture with her, but I guess, that's all the more reason to go back, right?)

Saturday night, we left the room and went to Beale Street. We met a friendly couple from North Carolina on our floor and ran into them downstairs as we were heading toward Beale. They had met a girl who was (ironically) from the same area as Julie and her sister are from and she got us into Silky O'Sullivan's for free and bought a shot for the bachelorette!

We had the obligatory Diver from Silky's, and we headed onto BB Kings, where we stayed for the rest of the evening. They had some great live music there, and we enjoyed the performance.

Unfortunately, the weekend had to come to an end, and we made it back home around 3:30 yesterday. We have, however, decided to have an annual commemoration of our trip by going to Memphis again next year (and hopefully many years!). Hopefully, we began a wonderful tradition this weekend!

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