18 February 2011

On the Road Again...

So, we're heading down to Louisiana this weekend, actually in about 10 hours. I tend to be slightly impatient. I'm not one of those people who enjoys riding in a car on an interstate for 8 hours, especially when it comes to seeing my family. When we drive down there, I want to get there. It isn't a joy-riding experience, it's simply a means to an end. For the record, I DO quite enjoy 'road trips' when there are stops planned at particular places when there is time to stop, but on a quick trip like this one where there isn't much time to spend with the family, the quicker the trip, the sooner I get to see my family and the more time I get to spend with them. For example, when Scott and I travel down there, we usually stop once to top off the tank and grab something quick to eat (if we don't have something packed up already).

This trip, however, will be what Scott terms "a lesson in patience" for me. This is the first trip where we're going down to Louisiana with his parents, who enjoy taking their time and like to stop several times. Needless to say, I've packed up the portable DVD player and about 6 movies to watch to make it go by more quickly.

We'll see how that goes... It most probably be an exercise in patience for this most impatient person. The Lord sends opportunities our way to work increasing those virtues we need to work on. I just need to allow His grace to enter into my soul and allow Him to work through me to increase my patience. (Believe me...I need a LOT of help in this department!)

Pray that my future in-laws still like me as much after this trip as before! ;)

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