21 February 2011

After the Trip...

As for the trip this past weekend, it went fantabulously! We made really good time on the way down, even though we stopped twice instead of our usual one. We made it in just under eight hours. Not bad. (AND the future in-laws still like me ;))

It was an exhausting trip because we were only there for 36 hours - and were out and about for most of the waking hours. I did, however, FINALLY purchase my wedding dress! I found the one and we got it and there will be just a few minor alterations to make it mass-friendly and, therefore, perfect.

I'm so excited! It's all beginning to come together, and I'm realising that I will be a married woman in just a few short months! I'm so happy to be spending the rest of my life with the man whom God put on this Earth for me to share life with and help each other get closer to Him. I never thought I'd find him, but God is so good and has blessed me well beyond what I deserve. Praise be to God!

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