02 March 2011

My First Shower....

I'm not talking about hygiene, here...I'm talking Weddings!!

I had my first wedding shower this past weekend. My mom, dad, sister, and little niece joined us up here in Arkansas for it. We had a grand visit! It was the first time I had actually seen my parents (or anyone in my family, really) for two weekends in a row since I went to visit them in St. Croix almost 4 years ago!

We had dinner Saturday evening at PF Chang's (one of my faves!!) with my cousins and our friends, Shawn & Julie, for my birthday. My mom even got me a new shirt to wear for the shower on Sunday as a gift.

Sunday, my future in-laws (how fabulous they are...I might add) gave me a wonderful shower. There were all kinds of gluten-free goodies to eat and the cake (which was beautiful!) was all gluten-free!! It was nice being somewhere where I could eat more than just fruit, for a change!

We got some amazing gifts from our wonderful friends and family.

Here are a few pics...

My Godchild, me and my sister
Me and My sister

Me and the future husband (after the shower)

I had a great time with the friends and our families spending time together! It was wonderful. I'm so very blessed and thankful for the family I have and the one I'm marrying into! The Lord has blessed me abundantly!

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