08 June 2010

Wedding Extravaganza

So, Saturday was the end to our galavanting around to weddings here and there. We were actually in this one, so we had to do lots of good prep work for the wedding. We went to the rehearsal and dinner on Friday evening. (I got to leave work early, at least, so can't complain!)

The rehearsal actually didn't take that long. We only had to go through twice and we were finished. We got our instructions for showing up for pictures and dressing, hair, makeup appointments, etc., then headed on down to the big Pine Bluff for the dinner part.
It was really nice. There were twice-baked potatoes (of which I ate 3!) that were sooo awesome, I could have just eaten that and been totally fine! There were steamed veggies, salad, chicken cordon-bleu, roast beef, and a few other morsels. I was too busy eating to get any pictures of them. We got our wedding party gifts, which were awesome! A (super cute) gift bag filled with jolly ranchers, room spray, lotions, hand soap, and jewelry to wear for the wedding the next day. The boys got flasks with their names engraved thereon and chopsticks (some inside joke thing).

In any event, it was an enjoyable evening. Of course, we found the bar located at the rehearsal location and chilled there for a little while before heading back home. We got back pretty late and started all over the next morning (early).

The boys hauled tail to the driving range, while we girls headed onto our hair and makeup appointments (which were all scheduled an hour earlier than we all thought). Luckily, though, the wedding party following us had canceled not only their hair and make up appointments (which turned out great for us) but also their wedding, apparently.

Check out the do. Pretty nice, huh? Too bad I didn't get any pics of the complete ensemble.

Anyway, we were all finished just in time to enjoy a margarita, cheese dip, and fajitas at the local Mexican restaurant. The looks we got while there were pretty interesting, needless to say.

We made it to the church to finish getting ready in ample time for pictures. We even got a chance to wait in our tiny little waiting room for an hour before we processed up the aisle.

The church was so packed that the groomsmen had to bring out folding chairs so that people could have more room to sit. The ceremony was nice (and short), and we headed onto the PB for the reception.

There was dancing and singing and cake cutting and all that good stuff. I caught the bouquet (surprise) and Scott caught the garter (again, surprise). Apparently, that's supposed to mean we're next. (Hmm) It's a good thing I'm not superstitious because I'm sure that the meaning would have been canceled out by the fact that it was purposely done (shock! awe! ;) )

In any event, everything went off without a hitch, except the kind that always happen but no one ever notices. All in all, the wedding was a successful event, the bride and groom made it safely to Hawaii, and no one ended up in the pool (at least not with their wedding attire on. We changed into scrubbies first).

Here's wishing Shawn and Julie and lifetime of happiness and a marriage full of blessings.

Here's to being thankful that we can take a breather from wedding festivities for awhile, and here's to hoping that we don't pass out and/or get dehydrated and/or some other series of unfortunate events at the Tour de Rock this weekend.

Wish us luck! Details to follow.

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